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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Balada Prita dan Nestapa Konsumen

Oleh: B. S. Wijaya

Bayangkanlah Anda seorang Prita Mulyasari, ibu muda yang harus mendekam di penjara karena surat keluhan konsumen yang dilayangkannya melalui sebuah email dan kemudian tersebar di milis. Prita dituduh bersalah mencemarkan nama baik dan melanggar Undang-Undang Nomor 11 Tahun 2008 tentang Informasi dan Transaksi Elektronik (ITE) dengan ancaman kurungan 6 tahun penjara dan/atau denda hingga Rp 1 miliar. Padahal ibu malang ini hanya mengekspresikan kekecewaannya atas pelayanan dan sikap kurang simpatik sebuah rumah sakit yang dialaminya. Continue reading

Brand & Me

by: B. S. Wijaya

This all began one night with an urge to watch a simple, undemanding movie called “Marley and Me.” I was intrigued. When the promotion trailer was shown in theaters a few weeks before the actual film was run, it only presented a few simple scenes of a small dog running on a beachfront, chased by a few adults shouting its name: “Marleeeeyy…,” followed by the title “Coming Soon.” All so simple, so uncomplicated, and yet –for me –so intriguing.

My feelings were answered when I watched the movie and it turned out to be quite an inspiring experience. The story starts with a friend’s suggestion that John Grogan, a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, buy himself a dog to give him and his wife, Jen a taste of parenthood.

The couple went to visit a local pet shop where they bought themselves a small dog – for cheap because it was unwanted – and called it Marley, after the late Bob Marley, the singer. But soon the forewarnings about the dog’s ill behavior were proved true. Marley was hyperactive and uncontrollable. It ran through the house all day, biting and tearing at almost everything that came in his sight and eating more than his normal portion of dog food. He really wreaks havoc, gets kicked out of obedience school.

But surprisingly when Jen lost her first-born baby at its birth, Marley showed his tender side, sitting quietly on Jen’s lap, allowed the brokenhearted woman to embrace it and dry her tears on its furry head. From that moment on, Jen and John gave Marley all the love he deserved as a member of the family.

Until one day, Jen, who by now had to look after two toddlers plus the unruly Marley, aired her feelings of depression on John. When John reminded her that it was all because of her own choice, Jen told him she was depressed not because she had given up her job to look after her family, but because of the unruliness of a small dog called Marley.

Now imagine. What if Marley was a consumer, chosen by us from out of so many market segments to be a target for our product’s brand. What if – when within one specific category everyone controlled the same segment – we had the nerve to choose one particular segment that few other marketers wanted?  To look after it, we create new market opportunities, but when times get rough, crisis looms and challenges emerge, when competitors intensify their attacks, we regret our own choice?  Quite a number of marketers would hastily redefine their segments or broaden their segments in order to secure their brand. But let us learn from Jen. Continue reading

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