comm spectrum vol 1Model Komunikasi Berasa dalam Komunikasi Pemasaran: Studi tentang Iklan Ambient Media dalam Meraih Kepercayaan Khalayak Konsumen

(Experientially-Meaningful Communication Model in the Marketing Communication: The Study about Ambient Media Advertising in Gaining Consumer Audience’s Trust)

B. S. Wijaya

DOI: 10.13140/2.1.2159.3124

Abstract: The more cluttered and intense of marketing communications messages in conventional media had turned many advertisers to take a glance at ways of communication through unconventional media. One of them is through ambient media advertisement. This paper is to review the advantages of ambient media ad as one of marketing communication strategy in gaining the audience/consumer’s trust. By using qualitative case study method, writer found that one distinct characteristic of ambient media ad is its capable of synergizing a message and message proofing through consumer’s experience with a conducive ambience, thus consumers are able to sense directly the truth of the presented message. This kind of communication model is called Komunikasi Berasa or Experientially-Meaningful Communication or Ambient Communication. Unlike ‘experience’ concept in marketing which is more oriented to experience of a “product”, ‘experience’ concept within Experientially-Meaningful Communication is more oriented to experience of a “message”. Therefore, with direct or instant experience (without delay) of a message which is presented synergically, consumers will tend to directly accept the truth of that message. Experientially-Meaningful Communication model which is a pattern of this ambient media ad communication becomes one of the solutions in the midst of the lessening of consumers trust to promises or advertisement message in the conventional media. To optimize communication result of ambient media ad, writer suggested creators to mix it with public relation strategy by creating word-of-mouth and publicity.

Key Words: Experientially-Meaningful Communication (Komunikasi Berasa), Ambient Media Ad (Iklan Ambient Media), Consumer Audience (Khalayak Konsumen)

DOI: 10.13140/2.1.2159.3124

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