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Consuming Midnights: Indonesian Youths’ Stay-Up-Late Lifestyle in Branded Places

B. S. Wijaya



This article inquires into the meanings associated with urban youths’ stay-up-late lifestyle in 24-hour branded cafés and convenience stores. These branded places are spreading now, in both big and small cities of Indonesia. Providing free Internet access and cozy sitting spots, they are a magnet for youths, who crowd up there with their “work gadgets,” such as laptops and smartphones or sometimes just chat with friends through the night, consuming snacks and beverages. Using a qualitative approach, we observed and interviewed some informants and found that the stay-up-late lifestyle for urban youth is a form of insomniac expression for worldly pleasure and the desire to succeed, intertwined with a workaholic identity construction. These personal discourses are inseparable from the media and social discourse that develops within the community.

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Cite this article (7th APA style): Wijaya, B. S. (2021). Consuming Midnights: Indonesian Youths’ Stay-Up-Late Lifestyle in Branded Places. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, 17(1), 17-30.

IMG_20190414_011313Relasi Konsumen dan Merek dalam Dimensi Simbolik, Sosial dan Politik

Oleh: B. S. Wijaya

Abstrak: Oleh Baudrillard (1996), ‘merek’ (‘brand‘) disebut memberi kontribusi bagi masa depan bahasa konsumsi. Kita pun dapat melihat dewasa ini merek menjadi wacana yang mengintrusi hampir segenap sisi kehidupan masyarakat pascamoderen, dan dibahasakan dalam konteks konsumsi secara luas. Hal ini berimplikasi pada konstruksi relasi konsumen dan merek yang bergerak dalam berbagai dimensi pemaknaan yang tidak tunggal. Makalah ini mengkaji secara konseptual bagaimana konstelasi makna relasi konsumen dan merek dalam dimensi simbolik, sosial dan politis. Continue reading

HumanioraDesire and Pleasure in the Branded Reality Show as a Discursive Psychoanalysis

by: B. S. Wijaya*

DOI: 10.22146/jh.v27i1.6406


The study of branded reality show is still very limited, especially in the perspective of discursive psychoanalysis. In fact, the phenomenon of reality show is currently growing in the television industry, so brands are inspired to create similar programs. This paper aims to analyze the desire and pleasure of success that are presented and disclosed by branded reality show ‘Diplomat Success Challenge’ on a national TV channel in Indonesia. Using discursive psychoanalysis approach in the Lacanian perspective, author found that participants in the ‘Diplomat Success Challenge’ saw competitors (other participants) as ‘other’ in imaginary phase which is the object of desire in having the pleasure of success, Continue reading

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