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Consuming Midnights: Indonesian Youths’ Stay-Up-Late Lifestyle in Branded Places

B. S. Wijaya



This article inquires into the meanings associated with urban youths’ stay-up-late lifestyle in 24-hour branded cafés and convenience stores. These branded places are spreading now, in both big and small cities of Indonesia. Providing free Internet access and cozy sitting spots, they are a magnet for youths, who crowd up there with their “work gadgets,” such as laptops and smartphones or sometimes just chat with friends through the night, consuming snacks and beverages. Using a qualitative approach, we observed and interviewed some informants and found that the stay-up-late lifestyle for urban youth is a form of insomniac expression for worldly pleasure and the desire to succeed, intertwined with a workaholic identity construction. These personal discourses are inseparable from the media and social discourse that develops within the community.

Cite this article (7th APA style):

Wijaya, B. S. (2021). Consuming Midnights: Indonesian Youths’ Stay-Up-Late Lifestyle in Branded Places. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, 17(1), 17-30.

Access to full-text paper: Consuming Midnights

IMG_20190414_011313Relasi Konsumen dan Merek dalam Dimensi Simbolik, Sosial dan Politik

Oleh: B. S. Wijaya

Abstrak: Oleh Baudrillard (1996), ‘merek’ (‘brand‘) disebut memberi kontribusi bagi masa depan bahasa konsumsi. Kita pun dapat melihat dewasa ini merek menjadi wacana yang mengintrusi hampir segenap sisi kehidupan masyarakat pascamoderen, dan dibahasakan dalam konteks konsumsi secara luas. Hal ini berimplikasi pada konstruksi relasi konsumen dan merek yang bergerak dalam berbagai dimensi pemaknaan yang tidak tunggal. Makalah ini mengkaji secara konseptual bagaimana konstelasi makna relasi konsumen dan merek dalam dimensi simbolik, sosial dan politis. Continue reading

ibmHow the Client Service Department in Local Advertising Agency Manages Relationships with Multinational Client: An Intercultural Business Communication Perspective

Suharyanti, B. S. Wijaya, A. H. Sutawidjaya & Marseila

DOI: 10.3923/ibm.2016.667.675

Abstract: A business institution and individuals who are involved, is often faced with a situation where business partners have the cultural background from different countries. How to manage communications for good business relationship in such situations? This research examines the strategies undertaken by the Client Service Department in an Indonesian local advertising agency in managing business relationships with multinational client from one of Europe countries. Using the case study method by interviewing clients and client service persons as well as observing the situation in the agency’s work environment, researchers found that in building relationships, client service Continue reading

ass coverRiding the Country, Buying the Brand: How Country-of-Origin Image Drives the Purchase Behavior of Big Motorcycle in Indonesia

Suharyanti, B. S. Wijaya & M. Rostika



Abstract: This paper examines the role of country-of-origin image (COO image) values in the process of purchase decision making of big motorcycle consumers in Indonesia. Referring to the COO image values such as Authenticity, Differentiation, Quality Standard and Expertise, as well as the elements of purchase decision making process such as Need Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision and Post Purchase Decision, researchers conducted in-depth interviews to five Triumph big motorcycle consumers. The results show that the authenticity of the British-made product is the main consideration of Continue reading

Jurnal DesainMenonton Indonesia di Remang Kabut Euforia Reformasi: Telaah Buku Budaya Populer di Indonesia, Mencairnya Identitas Pasca-Orde Baru

 (Watching Indonesia in the Dim Mists of Reform Euphoria: a Book Review of ‘Popular Culture in Indonesia, Fluid Identities in Post-Authoritarian Politics’)

Oleh: B. S. Wijaya

DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1405.6489

Abstract:  If in the New Order era, the political dynamics in the production and consumption of pop cultures was caught in the polarity between those for, and those against, the status quo centred at the official ideology of (that ‘recognized’ by) the governmental regime which was a combination of Javanism, secularism, militarism, paternalism, developmentalism and indigenism, then in the post-New Order or the Continue reading

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