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Cover CommuniqueTelaah Studi Implikatur dalam Memahami Pelanggaran Aturan Maksim Percakapan dalam Komunikasi Politik: Analisis Percakapan Wacana Penyelewengan Dana DKP Amien Rais-Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

(A Review of The Implicature Study in Tolerating the Rule’s Infringement of Conversation Maxims in the Political Communication: The Conversation Analysis of  the Deviation of DKP’s Non-budgetary Funds’ Discourse between Amien Rais & Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono)

Oleh: B. S. Wijaya

DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1602.2565

Abstract: The implicature studies typically used to analyze the rule’s infringement of conversation maxim at a direct conversational discourse object in interpersonal communication. In this paper, the author tries to analyze an indirect conversation through the mass media in the form of the polemic of a political communication’s phenomenon between Amien Rais and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2007 regarding the deviation of DKP’s non-budgetary funds and the alleged of foreign funds usage. Although the polemics or public discourse that evolved is not an ordinary/ direct conversation, but this research shows that it could be analyzed by using the analytical tool of conversation maxim and Paul Grice’s implicature studies theory that based on the objects of direct conversation analysis, assuming that the war statements between the two national leaders can be categorized as a rhetorical conversation. This analysis opens space for the application of the method and the theory of ordinary/ directly conversation on the conversation in the context of public discourse so far that discourses indicate the typical characters that commonly arise in the ordinary conversation, such as regularity, continuity, reciprocity or showing action-reaction.

Abstrak: Studi Implikatur biasanya digunakan untuk menganalisis pelanggaran aturan maksim percakapan pada suatu obyek wacana percakapan langsung dalam komunikasi antarpribadi. Dalam tulisan ini, penulis mencoba menganalisis sebuah percakapan tidak langsung melalui media massa dalam bentuk polemik sebuah fenomena komunikasi politik antara Amien Rais dan Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono pada 2007 menyangkut penyelewengan dana nonbujeter DKP dan dugaan penggunaan dana asing. Walaupun polemik atau wacana publik yang berkembang bukanlah sebuah percakapan biasa, namun dari hasil eksperimentasi penulis ternyata dapat ditelaah dengan menggunakan alat analisis maksim percakapan dan teori studi implikatur dari Paul Grice yang berbasis obyek analisis percakapan langsung. Hal ini dengan asumsi bahwa perang statement antara kedua tokoh nasional tersebut dapat dikategorikan sebagai percakapan retorik. Hasil analisis penulis ini membuka ruang bagi penerapan metode dan teori percakapan biasa (langsung) pada percakapan dalam konteks wacana publik sejauh wacana tersebut mengindikasikan adanya karakter-karakter khas yang biasa muncul pada percakapan biasa, seperti keteraturan, kesinambungan, ketimbal-balikan atau menunjukkan aksi-reaksi.

Kata Kunci (keywords): Studi Implikatur, Analisis Percakapan, Komunikasi Politik, Maksim Percakapan

DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1602.2565

See full-text paper here:  A Review of the Implicature Study -Communique Vol 9 No 1


cover-komunikologiPerang Tema dan Psikologi Publik: Analisis Strategi Komunikasi Pemasaran Politik Pilkada DKI Jakarta 2007

(The Wars of Themes and Public Psychology: The Analysis of Political Marketing Communication Strategies on the Jakarta’s Governor Election 2007)

Oleh: B. S. Wijaya

DOI: 10.13140/2.1.4879.0568

Abstract: Jakarta local elections in 2007 with the victory obtained Fauzi Bowo still left the stories and important lessons for the development of political marketing communications in the country. Fauzi-Prijanto supported by 20 parties against Adang-Dani supported by a party, but Fauzi-Prijanto only got a narrow victory, 57% to 43%. Why did this happen? This article analyzes the political marketing communications strategies both candidates and the anatomy of the consumer audience of voters based on data from research results were released in the Kajian Bulanan Lingkaran Survei Indonesia (LSI) Issue 04-August 2007. The authors found that voters in Jakarta tend to be more rational, due to information access is more widely open and easier, so as to provide good insight for citizens. Similarly, the tight life competition and better legal awareness made the metropolitan residents tend to be more courageous and critical voice their aspirations. The results of this analysis can serve as a lesson and reference to political contestants for the next campaigns. Continue reading

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