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ibmHow the Client Service Department in Local Advertising Agency Manages Relationships with Multinational Client: An Intercultural Business Communication Perspective

Suharyanti, B. S. Wijaya, A. H. Sutawidjaya & Marseila

DOI: 10.3923/ibm.2016.667.675

Abstract: A business institution and individuals who are involved, is often faced with a situation where business partners have the cultural background from different countries. How to manage communications for good business relationship in such situations? This research examines the strategies undertaken by the Client Service Department in an Indonesian local advertising agency in managing business relationships with multinational client from one of Europe countries. Using the case study method by interviewing clients and client service persons as well as observing the situation in the agency’s work environment, researchers found that in building relationships, client service Continue reading

12140547_1021723324546712_3920488040297078775_nMidnight Culture: Ketika Kaum Muda Urban Memperlakukan Malam sebagai Siang

Oleh: B. S. Wijaya*


Midnight culture atau budaya tengah-malam adalah aktivitas produktif dan konsumtif masyarakat di waktu tengah malam hari yang ditandai perilaku dan gaya hidup begadang atau berjaga tidak tidur hingga menjelang waktu pagi hari. Budaya ini direproduksi oleh media melalui program-program acara yang ‘menghidupkan’ waktu tengah-malam hingga menjelang pagi bahkan siaran 24 jam. Budaya ini juga diafirmasi dan dikomodifikasi oleh merek-merek dengan menawarkan nilai-nilai produk dan layanan yang mendukung kenyamanan konsumen dalam menghabiskan waktu tengah-malam hingga menjelang pagi tersebut. Continue reading

ass coverRiding the Country, Buying the Brand: How Country-of-Origin Image Drives the Purchase Behavior of Big Motorcycle in Indonesia

Suharyanti, B. S. Wijaya & M. Rostika



Abstract: This paper examines the role of country-of-origin image (COO image) values in the process of purchase decision making of big motorcycle consumers in Indonesia. Referring to the COO image values such as Authenticity, Differentiation, Quality Standard and Expertise, as well as the elements of purchase decision making process such as Need Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision and Post Purchase Decision, researchers conducted in-depth interviews to five Triumph big motorcycle consumers. The results show that the authenticity of the British-made product is the main consideration of Continue reading

ijaberPlanted with Word-of-Mouth, Flourished with Social Media Communications: How a Small Business Brand in Indonesia Grows Globally in the ‘Land’ of Branderpreneurship

by: B. S. Wijaya & A. H. Sutawidjaya


Abstract: The power of communications through Word-of-Mouth (WOM) and the efficacy of social media in communicating the brand values are also used by Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) or small business brands in Indonesia. This research examines a small business brand, Maicih Spicy Chips (known with the global brand ‘Spicy Granny’), which is able to demonstrate a phenomenal performance, with the spirit of Continue reading

komunikologiseptember2009_001Perkembangan TV Berbayar dan Implikasi Kepemilikan Asing di Indonesia: Studi Kasus Astro TV

(The Development of Pay TV  in Indonesia and the Implications of the Foreign Ownership: the Case of Astro TV)

Oleh: B. S. Wijaya 

DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1258.1929

Abstract: The presence of Astro TV throughout 2006-2008 had contributed significantly to the development of Pay TV in Indonesia, which had previously only be ‘complementary’ of the television industry, or in other words less popular than TV Terrestrial. The ‘brave’ gait of Astro TV, for example by lending decoder that later proved to be able to pick up a lot of customer interest, holds the exclusive rights to broadcast Premier League and creatively produces their own innovative local programs that carries Indonesian values, making Astro TV not only different and successfully penetrates the market rapidly, but also makes Pay TV increasingly popular among the people of Indonesia. Concerns about the implications of foreign ownership which can erode the national values, was apparently not proven. Astro TV as Pay TV that is ‘away from Rating rezime’ of terrestrial TV, it can freely produce local programs that promote national values through Astro Awani. In contrast, the purely local Pay TVs were rarely producing in-house programs with local Indonesian values. Thus, foreign ownership on Astro TV actually didn’t have a negative impact in the context of nationalism, dismissed the logic of foreign ownership that only brings the ideology and foreign interests. Continue reading

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